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Stepping into Summer: The Hottest Shoe Trends of the Season

Updated: Jun 10

Summer is here, and it's time to step up your shoe game. From chic sandals to bold sneakers, this season's footwear trends are all about making a statement while keeping cool and comfortable. Whether you're hitting the beach, exploring the city, or attending garden parties, there's a perfect pair for every occasion. Let's dive into the must-have summer shoe trends that will elevate your style and keep you on your feet in the best way possible.

Strappy Sandals: Barely-There Elegance

Strappy sandals are making a major comeback this summer, offering a sleek and sophisticated look that works with almost any outfit. Delicate straps that wrap around the foot and ankle are the key feature, providing both support and a minimalist aesthetic.

How to Wear:

Pair them with flowy summer dresses, tailored shorts, or even your favorite jeans. Look for metallic finishes or bold colors to add a pop of excitement to your ensemble. Brands like Stuart Weitzman and Jimmy Choo are leading the way with their elegant designs that combine comfort with high fashion.

Statement Sneakers: Bold and Bright

Sneakers are no longer just for the gym. This summer, it's all about making a bold statement with your kicks. Bright colors, unique patterns, and eye-catching designs are what set this trend apart.

Pair your statement sneakers with everything from casual jeans and a tee to a flirty summer dress. The key is to let your shoes be the focal point of your outfit. Look to brands like Adidas Samba and Balenciaga for the most daring and fashionable designs.

Ballet Flats are here to stay

Fashion is currently loving ladylike shoes, especially ballet flats, and this trend is going strong into next year. For Spring/Summer 2024, designers from Loewe to Chanel are creating ballet flats with shiny metallic finishes and eye-catching embellishments. At first, these styles might seem strange, but soon enough, you'll find them irresistible—just like all great shoes.

How to Wear:

Pair them with a suit for an office look, or a slip dress for a date night. Keen on adding a special touch during chillier summer evenings? Add a pair of comfy long socks.

The infamous kitten heel

Once criticized for their grandma-like associations, kitten heels have been embraced by some of the most stylish dressers over the past year or so.



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